Sun backing OpenOffice standard

Posted by Mike on Sep 30, 2004

This News.Com article gives brief detail on Sun’s backing of the European Union efforts to standardize office document formats.

Sun to patent looking glass and per-employee licensing

Posted by Mike on Sep 30, 2004

According to this News.Com article, Sun is attempting to patent the per-employee software licensing scheme and the looking glass user interface.

Sun assissted in Supercomputer

Posted by Mike on Sep 30, 2004 article reported Sun Microsystems and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) built a supercomputer that uses 3-D graphics to help researchers analyze climate patterns and homeland security across the United States.

Sun landed deal with BNP Paribas & VeriSign

Posted by Mike on Sep 30, 2004

A brief good news for Sun, landing the BNP Paribas (bank in Paris) deal to boost the performance of BNP’s grid-computing infrastructure. In addition, VeriSign selected Sun’s Solaris x86 to deploy for its data centers.

The Release of Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0

Posted by Bill Bradford on Sep 30, 2004

Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 (J2SE 5.0), the most extensive update of the Java platform since its inception in 1995, has arrived. The new release (code-named “Tiger”) is designed for exceptional quality, improved ease of development, greater speed, enhanced performance, and extended monitoring and management capabilities. Learn more in this interview with Sun Fellow Graham Hamilton

See it here:

Article: Cross-Referencing HTML the Tiger Way

Posted by Bill Bradford on Sep 29, 2004

This article describes a simple Java tool called Xref which provides such capabilities, and some others beyond that as well. This tool demonstrates the benefits of the new ease-of-development features that have been added to the upcoming J2SE 5.0 release (“Tiger”). The main features used here are generics, typesafe enums, and other language extensions like the enhanced for loop for collections.

Read about it here:

Universal Modeling Language (UML) capability in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7

Posted by Bill Bradford on Sep 28, 2004

Preview the UML capabilities of Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7, a full-featured IDE. The resources highlighted include a demo at a recent Webinar and a transcript of the Q&As.
Check it out:

Happy Birthday, OpenSSH!

Posted by Bill Bradford on Sep 27, 2004

The OpenSSH Project turns five years old today. From their news release:

Five years ago, in late September 1999, the OpenSSH project was started. It began with an audit, cleanup and update of the last free version of Tatu Ylonen’s legacy ssh-1.2.12 code. The project quickly gathered pace, attracting a portability effort and, in early 2000, an independent implementation of version 2 of the SSH protocol. Since then, OpenSSH has led in the implementation of proactive security techniques such as privilege separation & auto-reexecution.

Sun’s SSH (shipped with Solaris 9 and later) is based on OpenSSH.

All Java roads lead to POJO?

Posted by Mike on Sep 27, 2004

According to this article, engineers at Sun are creating a single programming model called Plain Old Java Object (POJO) by combining the best of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB a.k.a JSR-220) and Java Data Objects (JDO a.k.a JSR-243).

Sun Technology and Academic Resources (STAR)

Posted by Mike on Sep 27, 2004

This News.Com article gives details on the new Sun Technology and Academic Resources. STAR program is to assists academic institutions manage their network systems. Sun will offer equipments and training incentives in Sun and related technologies.

Take a Look at Sun Storage Now

Posted by Bill Bradford on Sep 24, 2004

Sun has built one of the broadest lines of scalable, highly available storage products on the market today. Check out the latest storage announcements from Sun; you’ll find these serious storage technologies and services deserve a look.

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Great deals on Solaris 10 OS instructor-led training plus FREE Web-based training!

Posted by Bill Bradford on Sep 22, 2004

Experience the next generation Solaris 10 OS. Learn from the experts, and get a great deal on two instructor-led Solaris 10 OS Early Advantage Training courses.

New Products at Sun’s Network Computing ’04 Q3

Posted by Bill Bradford on Sep 21, 2004

Sun announced a number of new hardware and software products at this quarter’s Network Computing event. Among the list:

Pay-Per-Use Computing

Posted by Bill Bradford on Sep 21, 2004

Sun has announced a new and innovative service through which customers can purchase CPU cycles over the Internet–without ownership or outsourcing contracts. Introductory pricing starts as low as $1 per hour!

Check it out:

Wikipedia reaches one million articles

Posted by Bill Bradford on Sep 20, 2004

Wikipedia, one of my favorite places on the Internet, has reached one million articles as of September 20th, 2004. This is a great milestone. However, the Wikimedia Foundation is in needs of donations in order to keep providing their wonderful resources.