[SunHELP] SS20 Solaris 7 boot issue

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Mon Jan 23 20:18:50 CST 2017

" From: Jerry Kemp <sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us>
" []
" It is also mentioned that Solaris 9 should run, but Solaris 9 was not my
" favorite.  I'm a OpenWin fan on one hand, and, even if I wasn't, I can't
" imagine that CDE would be especially pleasant on a Sparc Station 20.

i had the choice of s8 or s9 when i set my current server up, and i
went with s8 as i'm also an openwin fan.  but i did wonder belatedly
what would've been required to install the s8 ow pkgs on s9 - would a
simple pkgadd have worked?

as for cde on a ss20, i have a little experience in that direction,
courtesy of a job.  i don't recall performance being objectionably
worse than openwin, but i *really*did* hate that it didn't memorize
icon locations as openwin does, so that when one iconified a window one
never knew just where it would end up.  i believe cde 2 fixed that,
but i don't know if sun ever stepped up.  this was under 2.6.

i do run dtterms in openwin as they're better than shelltools, and i
occasionally play with dtksh.
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