[SunHELP] SS5 headaches

Mark Benson md.benson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 12:50:01 CST 2017

On 18/01/2017 23:11, Peter Stokes wrote:

> I suspect that you have a memory issue.
> Try just running with a couple of sticks and try to get to s stable boot. I
> would always go back to Solaris for testing as you know 100% what should
> happen. For the SS5 suggest 2.6 through to 8 as options.

Used Solaris 7 and 64MB (2 sticks) to much better effect.

> Also try enabling the diag-switch? in OBP to true which will run through the
> diags.

It is on. That's how I knew some of the banks of RAM were playing up 
(diag-switch dumps a slot report on the screen).

> Lastly make sure the NVRAM has consistent data including a sensible Ethernet
> value, eg for the SS5 8:0:20:19:33:00. I have seen odd results with dying
> NVRAM giving weird values and the O/S gets upset.
> You can setup the NVRAM when powered if the battery is on its way out by
> running the following commands at the ok prompt
> 88 1 mkp
> 8 0 20 19 33 00 193300 mkpl
> ^D^R
> set-defaults
> reset

My sumation, from looking at the Solaris 7 boot scroll is that IDPROM 
issue was messing up OPENSTEP's boot process.


This is much more informative, not especially the 'assuming default 
model' part, it seems the IDPROM contains the model identification and 
if it's mangled the computer IDs wrong. If OPENSTEP uses that to 
identify the system features (as Solaris 7 seems to), it may well be 
doing something awfully wrong and crashing the kernel, which is 
triggering the Watchdog Reset.

I did note down the Ethernet MAC and the Host ID off the boot scroll and 
stick them on a label inside the case, as they show up now, they might 
get lost later.

The next question is I take it I should replace the IDPROM? It appears 
to be failing and causing issues.



Mark Benson

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