[SunHELP] Sun AXi Motherboard help

Mark Benson md.benson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 13:18:44 CST 2017


*Another* fun piece of Sun junk I dug up from my collection, I have an 
AXi motherboard and 333MHz CPU as well as a UPA Creator 3D anda PCI 
TechSource Raptor 8MB gfx card. *But* It refusaes to POST.

Here's the obligatory picture (taken from a VT Terminal hung on the 
RS232 as the thing won't output video):


My thoughts are *either* the CPU module isn't seated correctly OR  the 
board's sick. Any ideas?

If the consensus is the board's sick I'll probably rob the CPU and NVRAM 
off it and recycle it and buy a U10 instead. I think they are my 
favourite UltraSPARC desktop.


Mark Benson

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