[SunHELP] Sun T5220 SERV MNGT port problems.

Fabio A. Miranda fabio.miranda at appliedconsultores.com
Mon Oct 5 22:42:45 CDT 2015

Hello Peter:

You are right, it was a cabling setup problem. Actually, what we do was 
take a laptop HP 6550B with serial port, connect a cisco console cable 
directly to rj45 SERV MNGT port on T5220.

Worked like a charm, we were able to login via "root" "changeme", 
firmware upgrade and deploy system.

Those usb to serial cables such as Prolific can cause problems sometimes...


On 10/05/2015 04:00 PM, Peter Stokes wrote:
> Hi Fabio
> First you have to establish what is working on your test kit. Can you use the
> serial setup to talk to a n other system on the serial console?
> That should check you have a working setup.
> You should be able to power on after the ILOM has loaded using the poweron
> button and holding it for a few seconds. Failing of poweron should result in
> errors being listed on the console.
> Peter
>> On 5 Oct 2015, at 20:02, Fabio A. Miranda
> <fabio.miranda at appliedconsultores.com> wrote:
>> Hello:
>> We are troubleshooting one T5220. Using a Linux box with minicom, Prolific
> usb-to-serial cable plus a Cisco console cable connected to SERV MNGT
> console.
>> We can see iLom boot process completely fine since U-BOOT to login prompt.
>> Everything is fine but our keystrokes are not shown in console, we are not
> able to login nor control escape "#.". It is like a "read only" session. We
> press power on button but it has no effect as we can not "jump" to openboot
> console.
>> Server is locked in above scenario.
>> Any help is appreciate.
>> Thankl
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