[SunHELP] Sun T5220 SERV MNGT port problems.

Fabio A. Miranda fabio.miranda at appliedconsultores.com
Mon Oct 5 14:02:39 CDT 2015


We are troubleshooting one T5220. Using a Linux box with minicom, 
Prolific usb-to-serial cable plus a Cisco console cable connected to 
SERV MNGT console.

We can see iLom boot process completely fine since U-BOOT to login prompt.

Everything is fine but our keystrokes are not shown in console, we are 
not able to login nor control escape "#.". It is like a "read only" 
session. We press power on button but it has no effect as we can not 
"jump" to openboot console.

Server is locked in above scenario.

Any help is appreciate.


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