[SunHELP] pkgsrc on fast x86 & SPARC systems w/ Solaris 10/11

microcode at zoho.com microcode at zoho.com
Mon Mar 16 04:19:45 CDT 2015

On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 12:29:25AM +0000, Sevan / Venture37 wrote:
> On 15 March 2015 at 13:46,  <microcode at zoho.com> wrote:
> >> Remote shell access is sufficient :)
> >
> > If you find him somebody to take them off your hands you could probably get
> > shell access for life from the lucky winner.
> Well, while they're in your hands, how about you that shell access?

I'm not Dave. You could him ask but the power bill is going to be killer.

> > For SPARC have you asked OpenCSW? I forgot the guy's name but he seems real
> > helpful to anybody who wants to do builds on Solaris. I know he has more
> > than just OpenCSW hosted.
> I haven't, I'll try & get in touch to see. thanks for the pointer.

I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised. I feel embarassed for forgetting his
name but he is a seriously good guy and submits patches upstream for tons of
stuff and really works hard on making software good for Solaris and

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