[SunHELP] CPU error

Werth, Dave dave.werth at garmin.com
Thu Jan 8 16:20:11 CST 2015

Our E450 running Solaris 7 rebooted this morning after the following error:

Jan  8 06:18:48 HELIOS SUNW,UltraSPARC-II: [ID 838158 kern.warning] WARNING:
[AFT1] WP event on CPU3, errID 0x0003cce0.ce163339

Jan  8 06:18:48 HELIOS     AFSR 0x00000000.00801000<WP> AFAR

Jan  8 06:18:48 HELIOS     AFSR.PSYND 0x1000(Score 95) AFSR.ETS 0x00 Fault_PC

Jan  8 06:18:48 HELIOS     UDBH 0x0000 UDBH.ESYND 0x00 UDBL 0x0000 UDBL.ESYND

Since reboot it appears to be functioning normally.

Based on what I've read online it sounds like CPU 3 is going bad and I should
replace it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Dave Werth
Garmin AT
Salem, OR


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