[SunHELP] old HPNPL (JetDirect Printer Installer for Unix) and Solaris 11.x

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Wed Sep 24 17:29:35 CDT 2014

On 09/24/14 18:01, Brian Richman wrote:
> Oh yes. 100% agree with the ease of use for ZFS. 
> However performance stinks under heavy load on our old SPARC boxes under Solaris 10, compared to using plain old virtual disks under RHEL 5 or 6, but ease of use and the ability to recover from failures? ZFS is Wonderful.
> As for NFS... I honestly don't care about it. It either works or doesn't. Apart from having to force use of TCP protocols in RHEL, it works.

At the risk of veering off-topic: there's two options for Linux-hosted
NFS, to my knowledge.  There's the original userspace nfsd, and the
newer in-kernel knfsd.  And my experience is that the userspace nfsd has
always had atrocious performance, and the kernel nfsd has always had
atrociously limited configuration.  Back when my NFS server was an
Ultra30 with two 711s, it could just about saturate my 100Mbit network.
 I measured an honest 98 Mbit/s NFS throughput.  The Linux userspace
nfsd, at the same time period, could *almost* squeeze out 30Mbit/s.  And
as for the kernel nfsd ... well, the last time I looked at it, the
extent of configuration available was pretty much "on or off" and "share
this list of volumes".  Compared to the degree of configuration
granularity and flexibility Solaris' nfsd gave me, it wasn't even much
of a joke.

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