[SunHELP] old HPNPL (JetDirect Printer Installer for Unix) and Solaris 11.x

Richie listmail at triad.rr.com
Wed Sep 24 12:37:50 CDT 2014

I will be moving to Solaris 11.2 once new sparc hardware arrives. 
Current equipment is all Solaris 10.

I have used HP's print software package HPNPL (filename SOLe134.PKG) for 
years because its net_lj4x model script works for all of our installed 
HP printers and meets our needs fine.  I'm am curious if any of you have 
either continued/attempted to use this old software or switched to use 
something else.  We personally do not require any extended printer 
features and the ease of administration has been nice.

# pkginfo -l HPNPL
       NAME:  JetDirect Printer Installer for Unix
   CATEGORY:  application
       ARCH:  sparc
    VERSION:  E.10.34
    BASEDIR:  /
     VENDOR:  HP
       DESC:  HP JetDirect Printer Installer for Unix package
     PSTAMP:  snbld26m28151818
   INSTDATE:  Sep 26 2012 14:43
     STATUS:  completely installed
      FILES:      237 installed pathnames
                    2 shared pathnames
                   19 directories
                  176 executables
                 8688 blocks used (approx)

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