[SunHELP] ZFS recovery

microcode at zoho.com microcode at zoho.com
Tue Jun 17 09:57:10 CDT 2014

> This is a Dell T105 and the only setting is to turn SATA on or off.

Hmm, ok.

> Ouch... I had really hoped to not see that. Its really too bad because ZFS
> is so neat, but I find the version issue to be really a PITA. 

It is, unless you stay with a low-version ZFS (don't upgrade your pools) or
pick one branch (Oracle, vs. .. ??)

> Solaris won't boot, period. Solaris 10 and 11 installers can see the
> pools.  

You should be able to boot an installer disk and boot your installed system
from the installer. It would be better to have someone nearby walk you
through this. I've done it a bunch of times and it is simple, but not simple
to talk about.

> I can't think of what might be damaged on both mirrored drives that stops
> booting but doesn't keep Solaris installers from seeing and mounting the
> volumes. 

grub normally doesn't install on both drives of a root mirror. One thing you
should do when you get your system back is installgrub on both drives. Then
again, if you can't select boot order with your BIOS this might not help.

I think your system is probably fine, I don't know why you lost your
bootability. But this sometimes happens on earlier S10. There used to be a
bunch of disk driver issues that affected SATA drives.

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