[SunHELP] ZFS recovery

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Tue Jun 17 09:31:49 CDT 2014

On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 10:26:59AM -0400, Neurodancer wrote:
> I was running Solaris 10 and the other night I lost power. The server
> booted from mirrored ZFS drives so I hoped to be fine but it was not. 

> The server would not boot, dropping to grub instead of loading
> Solaris. grub was unable to see any files, and I got incorrect partition
> type errors. I tried booting from each mirror drive individually, same
> problems. 

Sounds like mobo settings. Double check AHCI is the same as for the install,

> None of the commands like find, kernel, etc were able to see files on the drives.
> I decided I might as well install a new OS and then migrate the data,
> since I assumed it was still OK, just the power failure had somehow killed
> some important boot information. 
> I installed OpenIndiana and it was unable to import the drives from
> Solaris 10. It said they were damaged which I expected, and to use -f to
> force the import. However, then OI said that the pools had incompatible
> features/versions. 

Yeah, because OI branched from the S10 filesystem code.

> I assumed since OI had much newer code that it would be able to load
> Solaris 10 volumes but evidently not. 

Nope, incompatible in some case in both directions.

> I booted Solaris 11 from DVD... it can see, import, and mount the Solaris
> 10 drives, and it seems to report no damage. 

Yep, because S10 is upward compatible to S11.

> OK, so... anyone have any idea what is going on? Why does the system halt
> at grub and cannot see the zpools, but Solaris 11 can? 

Check mobo settings, AHCI, RAID, etc. If you boot an S10 installer it should
also be able to see the zpools. If it does, then you should be able to boot
in service mode and installboot grub and everything magically works again.

> If I have to, I could install Solaris 11 and then just copy all the data
> off the bad drives but I keep wondering if this isn't some really minor
> thing and I could get Solaris 10 running again. 

I hope so.

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