[SunHELP] Netra t1 105 locks terminal at 'ok' prompt

Mark Benson md.benson at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 09:14:57 CDT 2014

I just fired up my t1 105 after a long time saty idle. After reseating 
the mezzanine RAM boards as it was failing a POST  step it seems to boot 
okay. It tried a netboot but fails (many moons ago it netbooted off a 
U10). No real surprise there.

It drops to the 'ok' OpenBoot prompt after a while but there my faithful 
DEC VT510 terminal  seems to lock solid and won't interact. I can't 
type, pressing BREAK (f5) does nothing.

LOM and OPB are both on Serial 1 and I am using a Cisco Rollover to 
9-pin cable to connect the terminal.

Any ideas?


Mark Benson

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