[SunHELP] T2000 parts for sale...

Brian Richman bjrichus at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 11 18:45:18 CST 2014

Hope this is OK to post here...

My last T2000 client has finally got rid of
the last of his Sun SPARC gear and I want to sell off my spare parts. I have:
* 10 x 146Gb disks in hot swap trays ($20 each).
	* 16Gb of 1Gb DIMMs ($60).
* 2 hot swap PSU's ($50 each - these are HEAVY so shipping is more than you
	* 4 fans for behind the front panel ($5 each).
	* 1 fan tray to slide
in above the PSU's ($25).
All items are either used or refurbished by
Sun/Oracle and in 100% working condition.

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