[SunHELP] Ultra 60 failing to power on

Michael Karl mk at lexcom-net.de
Thu Nov 28 02:54:09 CST 2013

Am 28.11.2013 09:49, schrieb Cory Smelosky:
> Hello all,
> My Ultra 60 decided to suddenly power off in the middle of the evening 
> after running for over a day or so straight.  Now when I try to power 
> it on, the fans spin up but it will rather quickly shut back off.  
> There are no signs of arcing or smoke.
> Aside from the obvious "reseat all connectors" i'll take care of 
> tomorrow evening or such...too late now, any components in the PSU or 
> similar that commonly fail?
> Thanks!
Please replace the PSU ... I had the same failure some years ago.

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