[SunHELP] Lost grub menu background

Brian Richman bjrichus at yahoo.com
Mon May 27 09:13:32 CDT 2013

What version of everything are/were you using?

There used to be lots of
warnings about needing to apply all sorts of patches and stuff to the PBE on
Solaris 10 before you did ANYTHING with LU programs in particular if you were
using versions of Solaris from about 4 years or more ago...

Also, check the
spelling of everything VERY CAREFULLY. Just saying as I have been a victim of
a typo I made myself and it did some really odd things to me as well.
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>Subject: [SunHELP] Lost grub menu background
>After playing
around with luupgrade on a test machine I no longer have the
>nice blue grub
menu background. There is a line in the menu.lst that says
>and the file does exist.
>Does anybody know what
the problem could be?
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