[SunHELP] My 3T drives are showing up as only 2T

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri Jan 18 19:35:58 CST 2013

" From: Alan McKay <alan.mckay+sun at gmail.com>
" OK, I kind of feared this might happen.   I've got an old Sun J4400 24
" disk array filled with 1T drives.  I want to expand space by replacing
" 1T with 3T but the 3T drives are only showing up as 2.2 (2T even when
" formatted ext4).
" What are the possible variables here?
" I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 (latest) server on an older 64 bit Sunfire
" X2100M2 and a LSI JBOD card 3801E, and of course the aforementioned
" J4400.
" Where is the most likely culprit?
" Any way to get the 3T to show up?
" Oh and I did use parted to make a gpt partition not the MSDOS stuff.
" But even parted still only seems to see 2T
" _______________________________________________

random thought - ext4 fs limit?  what do you get if you slice the
disks into 2 1.5T parts?
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