[SunHELP] Do they have a department for this?

Brian Richman bjrichus at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 10:50:05 CST 2013


You don't want to pay for shipping of these beasts. 

We paid a little
over $10k (the bulk of which was insurance) to get two of these beasts
de-racked and moved seven miles to our backup data center a couple of years
ago. I can tell you they are just a little bit (a LOT) too heavy to lift
without the right gear.

At least three of the four we have will probably be
kept for use by other projects for a couple of years after we give them up.
Some job security in that as "Oh, you guys know all about how to admin
Solaris, don't you?" All the while, I look at the row of Sun and Oracle
training certificates on the wall....

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>I call dibs on your M5000s Brian!
>All I
need now is enough money for shipping ;-)
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