[SunHELP] Is this supposed to be happening?

microcode at zoho.com microcode at zoho.com
Wed Jan 2 09:06:28 CST 2013

On Wed, Jan 02, 2013 at 06:28:16AM -0800, Brian Richman wrote:
> You are right... that is one of the old so called "reserved" IPV4 address
> ranges that are supposed to be for "local" use on the client side of a WAN/LAN
> link.
> I would be worried because if someone manages to hack any of their
> machines (if they expose 192.168 to your LAN then I bet they have a few
> accounts somewhere with default or easy to crack passwords

Good point. Knowing these people it's almost a sure thing. Seven years of
high school down the drain...

> so making a hack easy), then its a step closer to YOUR local/private
> LAN. I'd make sure my firewall is enabled and check the logs frequently... 

Crap, I didn't think of that. I need to learn A LOT more about the net. I
have pretty limited needs and I haven't had the time or patience or whatever
it takes to understand the issues. Eventually I'd like to set up a real
network instead of what I have slapped together using the DSL router I
received when I signed up for this "service".

I will have to stay away from the other networks until I learn more or can
at least ask intelligent questions about setting up a serious firewall. I
think the one in the router should be good in theory but like you pointed
out if they let expose their private network on my LAN that is a threat that
would need to be dealt with.

> Bad ISP.... 

This is so typical of the idiots around here. They just do exactly whatever
it takes to make something work, sortof, and no more than that. The other 2
or 3 in the country are not likely to be any different so switching because
of this isn't an option.

Thanks for your post. I feel worse now but knowing the truth is better in
the long run.

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