[SunHELP] Is this supposed to be happening?

Brian Richman bjrichus at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 2 08:28:16 CST 2013

You are right... that is one of the old so called "reserved" IPV4 address
ranges that are supposed to be for "local" use on the client side of a WAN/LAN

I would be worried because if someone manages to hack any of their
machines (if they expose 192.168 to your LAN then I bet they have a few
accounts somewhere with default or easy to crack passwords so making a hack
easy), then its a step closer to YOUR local/private LAN. I'd make sure my
firewall is enabled and check the logs frequently... 

Bad ISP.... 
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>Subject: [SunHELP] Is this supposed to be happening?
looks like 192.168.something is reachable from my LAN. This would be ok,
>except I get the intranet of my link provider, not my own LAN. Aren't they
>suppose to isolate this somehow?
>Aside from any security issue (for them)
which I personally don't care
>about, is this normal? Will it give me problems
if I try to use that subnet
>on my own LAN at some point? I thought that
network was supposed to be
>local, whatever that means, so I was suprised when
I traceroute it that I
>see it hopping through my link provider. Certain
addresses respond to
>pings. This might explain why I couldn't use this
address range before when
>I tried to put my server network management on that
net instead of my usual
>10. that I use for the rest of my LAN.
>Thanks and
happy new year again to everyone.
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