[SunHELP] Changing hard drives SunOS 4.1.1 Sun4c

Fredric QJ Blåholtz e5frog at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 11:09:20 CDT 2013

Got the 2GB drive today, a Seagate ST12400N, attached it to the PC,
verified it, formatted it, checked it in WinHex after booting Windows, disk
was filled with ascii "1".

Copied the raw binary backup with the corrected header to the disk with
WinHex, no problems there, data from the 1.3GB to the 2GB aligned at
position 0, the rest of the disk left in the previous formatted state.

Hooked it to the Sparcstation 2, booted, filechecking went fine, all needed
items were found.
/dev/rsd0a 1381 files, 8977 used, 110 free (0.6% fragmentation, the others
/dev/rsd0g 6933 files, 62159 used, 79752 free
/dev/rsd3h 37 files, 507 used, 301436 free
/dev/rsd0h 170 files, 11769 used, 21054 free
/dev/rsd3g 47787 files, 656789 used, 161131 free

So I logged in and the window-system opened with an error message in one of
the open terminal windows.

cmdtool (CONSOLE) - /bin/csh
sun1% read: Error 0
read: Error 0

/: write failed, file system is full

Clicking in any terminal/shell window writes the text "/: write failed,
file system is full". It's possible to write commands, if trying "format"
it reports there are no hard drives (and lists the expected names as above
Right-clicking on the window-free background, (what in Amiga OS would be
called desktop) shows the normal menu and the program this computer is used
for is able to start up (Planmaster).

Not surprising that the error in the header of the drive was not the only
one, need to do some repair work I guess. Any ideas where to start?

When rebooting after exiting the proper way there were some messages in the
"checking filesystems":

/dev/rsd0a: UNREF FILE  I=4964  OWNER=plan MODE=100600 (plan is the login
/dev/rsd0a: SIZE=0 MTIME=Mar 25 12:39 2013 (yes I know time is off)
/dev/rsd0a: UNREF FILE  I=4965  OWNER=plan MODE=100666
/dev/rsd0a: SIZE=0 MTIME=Mar 25 12:40 2013
/dev/rsd0a: 1382 files, 8979 used, 108 free
/dev/rsd0a: (60 frags, 6 blocks, 0.7% fragmentation)
Mounted FS fixed - rebooting.

Reboot has no errors.

What to do next?

/ Fredric

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