[SunHELP] problem with net-installing a sun ultra 60

Mark Benson markbenson at mac.com
Thu Apr 18 01:28:32 CDT 2013

On 18 Apr 2013, at 07:13, Peter Stokes wrote:

> Never tried to setup non Sun as boot host, simple thing may be to
> beg/borrow/Buy DVD for the U60, any SCSI one should be ok.

FYI it needs to be a drive capable of 512 byte/block operation to boot a Sun
SPARC machine. While *most* SCSI optical drives are, it is not universal, and
also some are jumper-able between operating modes for compatibility, just to
leg you up.

Top tip: if you find a good SCSI DVD drive, see if you can find an old Sun 611
case with a DDS2 tape drive in it. If you gut them they make great external
CD/DVD drives and because the 611 is auto-terminating they work on damn near
anything without any putzing about... if you have the right cable (I have
accrued HD-68 to just about everything for this very reason!) :)

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