[SunHELP] problem with net-installing a sun ultra 60

Harald Lapp harald.lapp at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 15:12:56 CDT 2013


i am new on this list seeking for some help. i've bought a sun ultra 60 a
while back and wanted to install solaris 10 on it (i am quite familiar with
sun, having an ultra 10 before). my ultra 60 lacks a dvd drive, there's
only a cdrom installed, so i wanted to try to install solaris over network.
i've setup a linux machine for this task -- bootp, rarpd, bootparamd, nfs,
everything setup properly (i am unable to use my ultra 10 for this task,
because currently it's broken). anyway -- as far as i can see everything is
set up properly on the linux side -- sun get's it's ip, loads the
bootparams and get's access using nfs (checked by reading the logs and
output of netstat on the linux machine).

i am installing from openboot and output is as follows:

Boot device: /pci at 1f,4000/network at 1,1 File and args: -
39e00 Using RARP/BOOTPARAMS...
Internet address is:
hostname: ultra60
domainname: (none)
Found @ mac-address
root server: (
root directory: /sol10u11/Solaris_10/Tools/Boot

then there is the spinning '|' and after quite a wile where i see some
activity over nfs on the linux machine the following error message appears:

"Unsupported device parameter: seek"

I am unable to dig anything useful up for this error message. I've tried
with solaris 10 u10 and solaris 10 u11, as far as i known the ultra60 is
supported by solaris 10 up to u11, isn't it?

What could the error message mean? Is it some problem with my ultra60 or
could it be an issue with my netinstall configuration? any help would be
very appreciated.

Thanks very much,


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