[SunHELP] Changing hard drives SunOS 4.1.1 Sun4c

Fredric QJ Blåholtz e5frog at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 15:00:30 CDT 2013

Sorry, I'm not used to this mailing list yet, when I get reply they come as
a "Digest" with a different subject header than my original, I guess I can
change the header every time.

The 2GB drive used for the internal worked right away, for the external I
tried a 9.1GB drive, that didn't work, don't know if it's because the 512
byte header has been damaged as it is different than the five backups found
later on the binary copy. This one was a 68 pin (is that sca?) with a
50-pin adapter.

I bought a 2GB today from Germany, I'll see if it works when it gets here,
if it doesn't then the image might probably faulty.

Being able to merge them would be handy, I guess I would need to copy the
four (I think it was) partitions from the external drive to the internal
one and then edit some references to this in some file somewhere. Something
with /dev/rsd3* if I recall correctly, the internal has /dev/rsd0a etc...

If I can't use a drive larger than 2GB unless it partitioned in 2GB or less
pieces, how do I do the partitioning?

Trying the image from an SD card in a SCSI card reader at ID 0 Lun 0
resulted in "corrupt label - label checksum failed", same as the 9.1GB,
could also have been because of the four different bytes in the 512 byte
block first on the drive - don't know if the whole thing is what is called

Thanks for the advice.

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