[SunHELP] SunHELP Digest, Vol 93, Issue 3

Fredric QJ Blåholtz e5frog at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 12:24:44 CDT 2013

I checked the binary dump of my external disk today, when scrolling through
it I found five backups of the 512 byte header, all the same. When
comparing these to the header on the first 512 byte there were four
different bytes about in the middle of the block. Starting at byte 220 IIRC.

When checking the binary dump of the internal disk I noticed that the
backups were the same as the used header.

Is there any reason for the external drive's header to be different than
the backups? Would you recommend copying one of the backups and try and
write the data to disk again?

Another thing is that the external disk is filled with "1" from byte 513 to
8k, is this normal, some kind of boot part? Or is it an error from when
dumping it? The internal disk also has fields of $6C or 1 in ascii...

I'm trying to find another working 2GB SCSI disk at an affordable price,
some people are trying to sell used disks for as much as $250 which is a
bit much. The one I currently use as an internal drive cost $4.90 plus
shipping. Something around $20 or so would be fine and normal shipping
rates - not some DHL express for $110 or similar...

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