[SunHELP] Solaris 10 incremental upgrade vs larger jump

Brian Richman bjrichus at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 18 10:12:02 CDT 2012

We have a number of machines (30+) that we will only use LU on to update
existing releases and will (as a matter of policy), do a fresh install when we
go from one update (i.e. U8) to another (i.e. U10).

As out "mis-management"
insist on minimizing disruption to end user processes but won't fund
sufficient systems to deliver that, this is the only time we get to do any
re-work on machines so they reflect more modern techniques like ZFS mirrors
for boot/root when before everything was plain old UFS and prayer that no disk
drives would ever fail, and update things like drivers for Fiber HBAs and so

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>Subject: [SunHELP] Solaris 10 incremental upgrade vs larger
>A few years ago I installed 8/07 U4 on several Sun boxes.  Most of
them were liveupgraded to Solaris 10 9/10 U9 since then, but that project was
never finished.
>I am now looking at putting them all at Solaris 10 08/11
U10 + latest recommended.
>To save time can I simply liveupgrade both the U4
and U9 installs directly to U10 or if I want the installs to be closer in sync
with each other (as far as installed packages/patches, etc), should I
technically bring the U4 installs to U9 first then go to U10?
far as Solaris 11, we have a number of unsupported boxes (Sunfire 4800, V880,
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