[SunHELP] Will non-Sun disks work in ZFS appliance?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Thu Oct 18 13:18:41 CDT 2012

" From: Alan McKay <alan.mckay+sun at gmail.com>
" Hey folks,
" I have a ZFS 7120 that is out of service agreement and darn those
" disks are expensive!  $2K for a 3T drive that will act as a 2T (2T no
" longer available).
" I know Sun puts its own BIOS on the drives but I hope that does not
" mean it will prevent me from using a generic drive.
" Can I just pick up the equivalent SAS drive from Seagate (or other) and use it?
" A 2T Seagate SAS drive is $282!!!

it always used to be possible; afaik sun's 'bios' wasn't much more
than performance tweaks for their environment.  scsi is scsi, and
anyone's drives would work if they were sun formatted first.

i don't know if things have changed in the last decade-odd.  if it
still works, see format[1m].
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