[SunHELP] New To Sun Hardware Need help with Sun Blade 1000 POST issue

Derek Brewer pcxt21 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 00:39:09 CDT 2012

Hello All,

Newbie to Sun gear, managed to get a hold of a sun blade 1000 workstation
however I'm having troubles getting it to boot. When I power it up the sun
logo illuminates per normal, then the green power indicator comes on solid,
but dose not flash to allow for nvram reset. Then the fans come up and it
hangs in this state indefinitely never passing information to terminal or
the monitor. I cannot seem to find what may be causing this behavior, no
beep codes, the ram is installed in a group of 4 every other slot starting
at the top. I removed the processor card and did not find any bent pins or
seating issues. Any further advice would be appreciated, at this point I'm
wondering if my motherboard it toast.



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