[SunHELP] Rails compatible with T1000

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Wed Oct 3 18:24:17 CDT 2012

That was me!!!!   :)

Strangely enough, it took a lot of searching.  I finally found a set of
rails from Andover.  I have put the relevant items from the invoice
pasted to the bottom of this email.  Hope this is of some help.

FWIW, I have found the expensive thing on the T1000 is the power supply.
 Mine died a few months after acquiring the it.

I was unable to locate anyone to repair my existing PS.  I finally was
able to locate a spare from an otherwise dead system for about half of
what I paid for the system.  These systems (T1000) price wise continue
to drop, as all used equipment does.  If my power supply were to die at
this point (again), I speculate that it might just be cheaper to grab a
replacement T1000 system from eBay or similar, vs trying to find
replacement parts.

Hope this helps,  let me know if you need more information.

Jerry Kemp

On 10/ 3/12 09:25 AM, Sevan / Venture37 wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a slide rail kit other than the official ones for a
> T1000 (371-0098), this part number seems to be unique to the T1000 &
> resellers seem to want a lot of money for it, I was wondering if anyone
> has a part number for other rail kits that'd fit this server, searching
> around I found Mr Bill answering this question a while back on the
> rescue list but no specific numbers.
> http://www.sunhelp.org/pipermail/rescue/2011-January/130641.html
> Any pointers much appreciated,
> Sevan

 [Invoice number - xxxxxxxxxxxxx -  Paid]

  Buyer ID:
  Andover Part #:
  Sale ID #:             85824
  Title:                 Sun Fire Sunfire T1000 371-0098 Slide Rail Kit
  Price:                 $89.99
  Quantity:              1
  Subtotal:              $89.99
  Tax:                   $0.00
  Shipping/Packagin/Ins: $16.90
  Total:                 $106.89

  Shipping Service: FedEx Ground

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