[SunHELP] Can anybody get to sunshack?

Brian Richman bjrichus at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 27 06:42:49 CST 2012

I was wrong and misread it:

Expiration Date:18-Mar-2013 08:16:24 UTC

It is
still active.

Registered to SRK Science and Technology Research in New South

The site currently displays an ISP placeholder page, so it is either
being transferred or is down, as I suggested, as a result of some kind
of offline requirement from Larry's boys. 

Whatever, it is bad news for us
"old timers".

> From: Brian Richman
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Thursday, December 27, 2012 6:34 AM
>Subject: Re: [SunHELP] Can anybody get to
>The domain name has expired and was not renewed.
>It would
appear that like
>most things that were working well under Sun (even if a
little quirky), in the
>age of Larry "I'll buy Hawaii" Ellison, it is being
allowed to die.
>I would
>speculate this may have been under the shadow of a
law suit for using the word
>"Sun" or the old logo or something anyway without
helping to pay for his next
>island purchase.. 
>Of course, in all fairness
Larry may have done the decent
>thing and donated all that old stuff to the
not-for-profit user community and
>we who know how to use the internet and use
these old boxes have all missed
>it... You never can tell.
>I know. Sarcasm
is so very unbecoming but it does
>seem appropriate.
>And with that cheery
note, stay warm (its a cold start here
>in the lone star state of Dell and
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>>Subject: [SunHELP] Can anybody get to sunshack?
>get to www.sunshack.org? It's been down from here for weeks.
need to get
>access to the feh/sun system handbooks.
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