[SunHELP] SunBlade 2500 Silver Rescue

Kevin Bowling kevin.bowling at kev009.com
Wed Oct 26 04:35:19 CDT 2011


Got a SunBlade 2500 Silver that I'd like to toy about with.
Unfortunately, it seems to get stuck in OBP.  The prompt is always
"debug:" and I can't go any further.

Loading Support Packages: kbd-translator obp-tftp SUNW,i2c-ram-device
SUNW,fru-device SUNW,asr
Loading onboard drivers:
/pci at 1e,600000: Device 7 isa
/pci at 1e,600000/isa at 7: flashprom rtc i2c power serial serial dma
/pci at 1e,600000/isa at 7/i2c at 0,320
: i2c-bridge hardware-monitor hardware-monitor hardware-monitor gpio
gpio audio-card-fru-prom motherboard-fru-prom dimm-spd dimm-spd
/pci at 1e,600000/isa at 7/dma at 0,0: parallel

    ERROR: Last Trap: Fast Data Access MMU Miss

Error -256
Stack Underflow

If I try commands in OBP like 'set-defaults' I get more "Fast Data
Access MMU Miss".  I stripped it down to two sticks of RAM, only the
USB PCI card, and no SCSI devices.  No luck.  No luck with a Solaris
10 DVD in the drive.

Is there any chance some deviant soul pulled the NVRAM chip?  Any
chance of fixing that if so???

Kevin Bowling

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