[SunHELP] U60 dud memory issue (I think?)

Mark Benson markbenson at mac.com
Sat Oct 22 17:57:19 CDT 2011

	Well I'll be the ace of spades, I need some help with a Sun machine. Haven't asked for any in quite a while, but here goes...

I hooked up my Sun U60 and attempted to boot Solaris 10 06/06 on it from the DVD via an external DVD-ROM drive. That much works.

While booting I;m getting a crap-ton of errors report ing a fault with RAM module U1001 (I think that was the unit number). I understand it's telling me it has a RAM fault but I don't know which slot U1001 is, and there's 16 of them. Anyone want to give us a clue? :)

Mark Benson

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