[SunHELP] bad majic number in disk label .....can't open boot

vintagecoder at aol.com vintagecoder at aol.com
Sat Oct 22 12:53:57 CDT 2011

> Hi there
> I have Sun Blade 100 (Solaris 8 installed ) and i want to install
> Solaris 10 from
> CD. After running "boot cdrom " from ok prompt it gives:

> Bad magic number in disk label
> can't open disk lable package
> can't open boot
> device

> (CD-ROM drive and Solaris CD's were tested, they are OK )

> What
> should i do?


I have seen this happen when Sol 10 doesn't find a good disklabel on the
disk. All you have to do is go to the shell and format the disk and reboot
the installer and you should be fine.

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