[SunHELP] Passing on some news..

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Fri Jun 17 23:08:40 CDT 2011

>From my documentation, Solaris 10 Express release (11/03) was the last
release to support the Ultra 1 platform.  Support for the Ultra 1 could
easily be shoe-horned back in.

I have high hopes that support for Ultra III && IV systems can be
shoe-horned back into Solaris 11.  Obviously this would be for my hobby
support.  $WORK has been on T series and M series boxes for years.

Probably a better option would be to see what the Illumos/OpenIndiana
people are doing.


In a separate note, I am hoping I can shoe-horn Rosetta back into Mac OS
X 10.7/Lion.  :)


On 06/17/11 21:39, Sandwich Maker wrote:

> yikes!  that's rather a long list...  but when did s10/s11 ever support
> us1 in the first place [not counting alphas/betas]?

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