[SunHELP] Where to buy Sun PSU fans?

Vintage Coder vintagecoder at aol.com
Tue Jul 12 01:29:21 CDT 2011

Yeah, I mentioned I don't have a right angle screwdriver to get in there and pull out the PSU so I can get at the fans. 

I posted my question because I found a few discussions online where people asked about this and either got no answer or got a "no" you can't replace the fans. Since they are mounted out in the open and look like the bulkhead fans I don't understand why they should be hard to source.  

These are my first Sun boxes so I asked on here in case anyone know definitively one way or another. 

I'm sure where you live you can pick up a replacement server and parts without difficulty. It was a miracle that I found these at all. If I have to order a server from ebay it will cost me $500 or more just to ship. As far as I can tell, the PSUs are good. I just need fans. 

If anybody has done this swap, or knows where to get the fans, I'm all ears. Otherwise I guess we can get on to new business. Thanks guys. 
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To the OP of this thread.

I have been following this thread, but not closely.  Can you not just
open up your V210, and get the OEM part numbers off the fan that Sun
used, and do an Internet search?

A few years back, I purchased an old Cisco switch.  Immediately upon
plugging it in, I understood why I acquired it so cheaply.  The fan(s)
were screaming bloody murder.  I opened the case, got the OEM mfg and
part numbers from the fan.  A week later, my switch was working well and
significantly quieter.  Why I am certain that there were probably any
number of sources on the Internet for those fans, I purchased mine from

Short of the above, it seem the other obvious is to pick up a donor
system.  Again, a quick search of eBay shows complete systems $150.00
USD and up.

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