[SunHELP] Where to buy Sun PSU fans?

Vintage Coder vintagecoder at aol.com
Tue Jul 12 01:21:51 CDT 2011

Get a few extras for me while you're at it. We don't have any Oracle FEs in my neck of the woods. 

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PSU fans on these oldies do go out more often than most think, as do the CPU

As you say, the entire PSU goes in the trash...

BE CAREFUL working
about inside a PSU (deadly voltages inside) and you will see they are standard
fans held in by regular (I think M4) screws. Nothing special about them. As
suggested by others, you can see makers info on these fans and buy OEM without
too much trouble.

CPU fans are harder to get right for RPM monitoring. We
find in our old 210 racks (30 machines) one dies every month or so. Been six
weeks since the last one went out, so any time now, we'll be calling out our
Oracle FE. 

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>Hi guys, I have a couple of faulted V210 PSUs and from what I can
tell, the only thing wrong is a bearing failure on one of the fans. According
to the doc I found on Sun Shack and elsewhere, the fans are not designated
FRU. It seems ridiculous to have to trash perfectly good PSUs because of what
should be a five dollar fan. Does anybody have experience with this? Can this
part be ordered separately or do I have to find somebody parting out similar
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