[SunHELP] redhat 5.5 will not build tape device files

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 16:20:12 CDT 2010

Trying to install an ibm fiber tape drive onto $work new remote netbackup server.

IBM driver works with IBM software - builds the /dev/IBMtape files correctly.

But there are no /dev/stxxxx or /dev/nstxxxx device files being built.

The $work unix folks called Redhat - got no help.

Symantec tried to help - but since the Redhat o/s doesn't have its /dev files right - they can't get past that. 

MAKEDEV fills up the /dev directory with all these pretty filenames that don't work or seem to be linked to anything.

Any Redhat gurus out there run into this before?

Any ideas I can pass to the $work remote unix folks appreciated.

ftw tx

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