[SunHELP] Sunfire v20z BIOS update

Aaron C Johnson acjohnson at pcdomain.com
Thu Nov 11 23:55:06 CST 2010

I recently purchased a Sunfire v20z 1u server off ebay and I also 
purchased 2 amd opteron 275 2.2ghz dual core procs. The server came with 
2 1.6ghz single core opterons.

The server works fine with the cpus that it came with but when I install 
the opteron 275's the server starts to post, and then it hangs at the 
initial boot screen. What's even weirder is that it only counts half the 
memory that is in the system when using the 275's. It counts memory 
correctly when using the cpus that it came with.

So I'm thinkin it's either a memory compatibility issue or it needs a 
bios update. Problem is I can't get access to the bios update because it 
is secured on Sun's website (if only I was mr. mitnik I could get it!)

I think the latest version is located here: 

The memory I am using is 2 512mb ddr ecc registered pulled from a dell 
poweredge 2600sc.

Any suggestions?

Aaron C Johnson
email acjohnson at pcdomain.com

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