[SunHELP] redhat 5 / emc disk ?

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 22 17:43:37 CST 2010

Anybody running rh5 (5.4) enterprise with emc disk?

Our company going down this path away from solaris sparc it seems - and the storage team that I'm on has been tasked with making it as seemless as it is under solaris in our environment etc.  Also we're going to look at rh5 as the netbackup master server platform as well.

So today I get access to the first redhat box I've seen in many decades and we present a dmx lun to it.  No powerpath - but I think the multipath rpm is installed.

So both inq and lsscsi show 9 paths to the lun on a single hba.

Is this normal for redhat?  

Any way to carve it down?

Found a couple of redhat forums hits about the same general topic - but no specific fix etc.

Note - I'm not the unix admins .... so please no rtfm quotes/suggestions <grin> - but a good pointer to docs would help for this "particular" situation!

Personal experiences/fixes welcomed as well !!


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