[SunHELP] buy firewall router or use SB100 and ipfilter

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Sep 9 10:07:47 CDT 2009

" From: Stefan Hames <rsh5 at cornell.edu>
" It's pretty fast for a cable modem. I just ran McAfee's speedometer 
" and it says >2 mbps, which is suspiciously high. Subjectively it 
" doesn't give up a lot when compared to my connection at the office, 
" but the McAfee result is as fast as T2, isn't it?

t0/ds0 = 64Kb/s	voice, .au format
t1 = 1.5Mb/s	24*t0
t1c = 3Mb/s	2*t1
t2 = 6Mb/s	4*t1
t3 = 45Mb/s	28*t1

e1 = 2Mb/s	32*64k	european

as of ~'90 t1c and t2 were virtually nonexistent.  when i was at bell
labs, the gear we developed supported t1 and t3...  some also did e1.

you could do 2M/s or better on cable when you have it mostly to
yourself.  can't count on it though.

" From: Stefan Hames <rsh5 at cornell.edu>
" Hey Javier,
" Yeah. I actually hadn't  thought of that. At some point I'm going to 
" max out that power circuit... 8-(  I'd better see what that circuit's 
" rated. Unfortunately I can only run all Sun and Mac boxes, routers 
" cable modem, telephone adapter, laser and ink jet printer plus NAS, 
" etc. on one circuit. I just hope that I never run it all at the same 
" time. Ooops, air conditioner is rated at 9.85 amps. I'd better look 
" at the circuit breaker.

laser printers can suck the juice up too.
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