[SunHELP] buy firewall router or use SB100 and ipfilter

Stefan Hames rsh5 at cornell.edu
Wed Sep 9 04:49:32 CDT 2009

Thanks, Phil. I actually have a U5 that isn't getting used, so that 
would be an option.



>Sandwich Maker wrote:
>  > " From: Stefan Hames <rsh5 at cornell.edu>
>>  "
>>  " Thanks, Andrew. The SB100 would be the dedicated machine. I've got
>>  " two Sun boxes and a couple of Macs on the network behind it. I
>>  " figured I'd be lucky to get $100 for the SB100 on eBay, and that's
>>  " the price of the routers (actually a bit less...)
>>  in that case, your major decider is the ipfilter learning curve.  if
>>  that isn't a problem, go for it!
>>  btw you're probably also better off replacing the stock solaris
>>  ipfilter with darren reed's latest, from
>  > http://coombs.anu.edu.au/~avalon/ if you aren't already aware.
>Another [very good] option would be OpenBSD and pf.  That's what I use
>on my firewall, currently on a U5.
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