[SunHELP] Giura Paul invites you to connect

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Thu Sep 3 06:47:02 CDT 2009

Giura Paul via Yahoo! wrote:
> Join Giura Paul on Yahoo! Messenger.
> Come chat with me, share files and more.
> Stay in the loop with all your friends.
> Get started : http://invite.msg.yahoo.com/invite?op=accept&intl=us&sig=U9by4l7rgLD_KteJIndigudKZaly0UklNIJiSgEREJKbr1fkyQ--
> * Stay connected at home, at work, or on the go
> * Have fun with games, emoticons, and more
> * Join a community of over 100 million people from around the world
> Join Your Friends : http://invite.msg.yahoo.com/invite?op=accept&intl=us&sig=U9by4l7rgLD_KteJIndigudKZaly0UklNIJiSgEREJKbr1fkyQ--
> --
> this email was sent to you by an automated system - please do not reply directly

Ah, so when you join Yahoo's latest chat system, it spams everyone in
your address book.....?

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