[SunHELP] [50% solved, but need help ; -)]Sol10 - fsck problem / on SunSparc-AXMP

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Mar 30 14:24:54 CDT 2009

listmail wrote:
> I was speaking in context of my own setups and habits.  I prefer to 
> clear out the OS mirror configs. to make the drives truly free standing 
> for which either or could be booted freely without disksuite worrying 
> about the other disk's state, along with other flexibility that it 
> brings.  In your case you don't want to much since having a stripe.
> * Anyway *, Perhaps in your case you may want to physically disconnect 
> c1t0d0 to leave it in its current state and then boot c1t1d0s0 to do the 
> cluster test? (installing the boot block and/or do config changes from 
> single mode cdrom on it if needed).
> Michael Karl wrote:
>> Hello,
>> http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/817-2530/6mi6gg883?a=view
>> 1. I didn't make metaroot and metaclear to the mirrors on root ... I'm 
>> asking why ?
>> 2. If I metadetach all submirrors of the boot-disk, I'm thinking that 
>> I must be able to boot directly the "first-boot"-disk and the 
>> "mirror-boot"-disk via ok-prompt ... but now I could only boot the 
>> "first-boot"-disk without "1." well ... but the 
>> "mirror-boot"-disk-root is not clean for booting ... may be it's not 
>> in sync.
>> 3. I don't remember, how I solved this problem in the past. I'm 
>> thinking: metadetach the submirror, upgrading with patch-cluster the 
>> "first-disk", looking for working of the "first-disk", metattach the 
>> submirrors if everything is working ... if not, I boot the 
>> metadetached mirror and make with metattach the sync to the 
>> "first-disk" to the original state.
>> Where is my mistake now ?

I think the advice to clear all metadata information is probably a good one.

Once the box is set to boot off a mirrored set, there is an entry put in 
the /etc/system file to that effect. The box will boot off either disk 
but will mount the root metadevice, which means it will use whichever 
disk is still part of the root mirrored pair for the root filesystem.

To clean out the metadata information, mount each of the root mirrors 
(one at a time) and remove all metadata references in /etc/system and in 
/etc/vfstab. The /etc/system line (md at 0 or something like that) needs to 
be removed, and in /etc/vfstab all the metadevices (md0, etc.) need to 
be replaced with c0t0d0s0 or whatever the appropriate slice is on that 
disk. So, on the first disk you'll use c0t0d0s0 and when editing the 
vfstab on the second disk you'll use c0t1d0s0 (or whatever numbers are 
appropriate for your setup).

Then you wil be able to boot cleanly to either disk, check its status 
and patches, and be able to work with whichever disk you choose without 
affecting the other disk.

When you are done you will need to completely remirror the disks of 
course, including running the metaroot command to put the information 
back in /etc/system.


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