[SunHELP] [50% solved, but need help ; -)]Sol10 - fsck problem / on SunSparc-AXMP

Michael Karl mk at lexcom-net.de
Mon Mar 30 10:14:23 CDT 2009

Hello Andrew,

Sandwich Maker schrieb:
> " From: Michael Karl <mk at lexcom-net.de>
> " 
> " 
> " This Sun is more then 8 years old (4x 360Mhz UltraII, 2GB RAM). The 
> " Solaris 10 has no actual recommended patch-cluster.
> " What is the best und easiest way to install the patch-cluster on the 
> " first disk and have the option of the now working Solaris 10 on the 
> " second metadetached mirror-disk?
> probably your best approach is to un-mirror the disks, so that you can
> boot from either independently.  re-mirror when you decide which one
> you want to go with.
That was my first idea ... but I'm making something wrong, that the 
metadetached ROOT is damaged. Is in Sol10 something different to Sol8/9 ?

Sorry about my simple question ... I had done this so many times years 
ago ... but I had an accident  2,5 years ago ... after 4 operations I'm 
now not fit at all.

Thank you for your help

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