[SunHELP] Sun Cluster 3.2.2 Apache HA failure, or cludge?

Computing computing at bookscape.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 07:13:24 CST 2009

               2 related problems on the same Apache cluster:

               [Problem 1:]
               clsetup error:  ERROR: Failed to get connection to node 
               SunOS netra1 5.10 Generic_127127-11 sun4u sparc 
flags=2001000848<LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4,VIRTUAL> mtu 8232 index 1
                    inet netmask ff000000
flags=2001000849<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4,VIRTUAL> mtu 8232 index 
                    inet netmask ff000000

               [Problem 2:]
                2 node cluster running Apache 2.0.63
                nslookup ApacheOnlyFailoverHostName_1 (answer)
                               inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast

               clresourcegroup show OnlyCluster-harg
                         Resource Group:  OnlyCluster-harg
                         RG_description:   <NULL>
                         RG_mode:          Failover
                         RG_state:           Unmanaged
                         Failback:             False
                         Nodelist:             netra3 netra1

               [Long description] (An apache failover workaround functions.)
               Having natively only eri0/1 I have used lo0 as my second 
private adapter and
               aliased lo0:1 as but clsetup will not connect to 
the aliased interface.
                   Scdsbuilder packaged an apache GDS with apachectl 
stop/start. All works fine
               on the logicalhostname addressed to fails over 
perfectly well from node2
               to node1. (ie apache failover does work.)
                     But, (and it's a big but,) I believe in truth I only 
have a failover ipaddress.
               At each boot sequence: Apache Listen port 80, 
only works on node1 if I
               delay /etc/rc3.d/S90apache for three minutes until failover 
               is "configured/up/available", else apache dies "could not 
locate ipaddress"
                     And, apache will only work on node2 if I configure 
apache Listen *.80 (listen any)
               Effectively what I've done is configure a failover ip which works perfectly
               between the two hosts, failing backwards and forwards. But 
apache, on the other hand
               must be "workarounded" or "bodged" to fail backwards and 
forwards, but at the cost
               of adding cludges to my /etc/rc3.d scripts, (and cludging one 
httpd.conf to listen any)
                     Ideally I would have liked to add the apache service 
using clsetup. But it
               won't add an apache service on my setup.

               Given this scenario, is there a more elegant way of getting 
my apache to failover?
               Or have I done the best possible job given my constraints and 


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