[SunHELP] XVR-1000 in a Blade 1000

Geoff Snowdon beast_gts at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 7 17:50:34 CST 2009


I've got a problem with an XVR-1000 in a Blade 1000~ ( running Solaris 10).

I've replaced an Expert3D with the XVR-1000.  I don't get any display, either OpenBoot or windowing system, but the system boots fine - I can SSH in or log into the connected Sun Ray.

'fbconfig' sees the card and the monitors attached to it (one on the 13w3 and one on the DVI).  I tried installing the driver (downloaded from Sun's site), but it said "This machine is running Solaris 10, which is not supported".

'/dev/fb' points to '/devices/upa at 8,480000/SUNW,gfb at 0,0:gfb0', and 'output-device=screen'. I've tried setting the card back to factory defaults ('fbconfig -default -dev gfb0').

Can anyone suggest what to try next?

Thanks in advance,


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