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David Strom dstrom at ciesin.columbia.edu
Wed Apr 29 09:44:28 CDT 2009

So, if your org is planning to move its Oracle to Solaris, is that on 
Solaris X64?  I'm wondering because Oracle 11g is not available on 
Solaris X64, just Solaris Sparc.  Larry might change that, or release 
version 12 on Solaris X64, now that he will be owning Solaris.

Of course, AIX runs on Power processors, so you wouldn't be too nervous 
about Sparc.

Maybe your organization has contacts with Oracle where you've gotten 
info re Oracle 11/12 on Solaris X64?

I'm wondering because we are moving away from Sparc, and we would really 
like to run Oracle on Solaris X64 rather than Linux.

David Strom

Re the post below (I just get the digest):

Message: 8 Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 06:56:26 -0500 From: Jerry K 
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Subject: Re: [SunHELP] Some thoughts? Message-ID: 
<49F8406A.8050704 at oryx.cc> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; 
format=flowed Alan, I agree, Sun was probably well set to weather this 
economic downturn, and I also would have preferred them staying 
independent: http://www.serverwatch.com/news/article.php/3790021 But 
things are where they are. My initial though were, that I would have 
preferred that possibly Apple or Cisco, although I had not considered 
Oracle. In hind site, Oracle will probably be a pretty good fit. IMHO, 
the only way that IBM made any sense, is if IBM had finally decided to 
through the towel in on AIX. I don't know how realistic that thought 
is/was, but consider that Solaris has recently been ported (and fully 
supported) on the IBM mainframe. I work for a large retailer, and all of 
our Oracle databases are currently on AIX. Prior to the Oracle buying 
Sun announcement, our DBA's were pushing to move off of AIX. Their 
reasoning was that as new features appear in Oracle products, those new 
features show up in AIX dead last. Disclaimer, I don't know if this is 
true or not, but that is what the DBA's I support tell me. But back to 
the point, prior to the buy out announcement, we were considering Oracle 
databases on linux. Now, with the Oracle buyout announcement, we have 
revised our migration plans and we are now looking at moving Oracle 
databases on Solaris. If your crystal ball is fuzzy on this one, I can 
give you 7.5 billion reasons why Oracle on Solaris is a good idea moving 
forward. But anyway, this is just my opinion, of which I am sure 
everyone else has a unique one of their own. So with that firmly 
established, why not review the statements, direct from the horses 
mouth. http://www.oracle.com/sun/sun-faq.pdf look that PDF over, and 
lets discuss this some more? Jerry Alan Rubin wrote:

 >> I don't know if this is really appropriate on this list, but I know it
 >> wouldn't fly on Sun Managers.
 >> So, thoughts from some Sun admins on the sell-off?  Where do you think
 >> Sun will be in the future?  What do you think Oracle will do?  Oracle vs
 >> IBM as a buyer?
 >> I'd rather Sun stayed independent.  If they could scrape by for a couple
 >> more years, I think the seeds they've sewn with building a community
 >> (OpenSolaris, OSS-everything) plus their Open Storage plans would have
 >> really borne fruit.  I'd rather Oracle over IBM because at least there
 >> seems to be a reasonable chance that Solaris and SPARC (more important
 >> to me than X86 as an identity and legacy [and better product] of Sun)
 >> will continue as products, whereas IBM had too many competing lines
 >> (poor [and overpriced] cousins in my opinion) that they would not be
 >> willing to part with.  Oracle has a reputation for being cutthroat and
 >> I'm not entirely optimistic about them as owners.  Perhaps a Cisco or
 >> Apple or Google would have had more of a vested interest in maintaining
 >> the Sun brands and product suite over the long haul without cutting rope
 >> too soon.
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