[SunHELP] Some thoughts?

Alan Rubin rubin at frell.org
Wed Apr 29 05:09:09 CDT 2009

I don't know if this is really appropriate on this list, but I know it
wouldn't fly on Sun Managers.

So, thoughts from some Sun admins on the sell-off?  Where do you think
Sun will be in the future?  What do you think Oracle will do?  Oracle vs
IBM as a buyer?

I'd rather Sun stayed independent.  If they could scrape by for a couple
more years, I think the seeds they've sewn with building a community
(OpenSolaris, OSS-everything) plus their Open Storage plans would have
really borne fruit.  I'd rather Oracle over IBM because at least there
seems to be a reasonable chance that Solaris and SPARC (more important
to me than X86 as an identity and legacy [and better product] of Sun)
will continue as products, whereas IBM had too many competing lines
(poor [and overpriced] cousins in my opinion) that they would not be
willing to part with.  Oracle has a reputation for being cutthroat and
I'm not entirely optimistic about them as owners.  Perhaps a Cisco or
Apple or Google would have had more of a vested interest in maintaining
the Sun brands and product suite over the long haul without cutting rope
too soon.


*Alan Rubin*
IT Consultant
Email:rubin at frell.org

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