[SunHELP] WARNING: Latest Solaris 10 x86 patches and Broadcom

Dale Ghent daleg at elemental.org
Sun Apr 12 22:07:49 CDT 2009

Just to be clear, does this concern the bge or bnx driver?


On Apr 12, 2009, at 9:49 PM, Shannon Hendrix wrote:

> [ Posted to geeks due to recent relevant discussion ]
> A heads up on kernel panics caused by new kernel patches, the  
> Broadcom driver.
> I just finished patching my Solaris 10 U6 system, a Dell T105.
> When I rebooted, it kernel panicked.
> I booted again in the kernel debugger and traced the problem to the  
> Broadcom NetXtreme driver.
> Disabling the Broadcom ethernet port in BIOS fixed the problem.  In  
> my case this is fine because I use an Intel gigabit PCIe adapter,  
> and don't need the built-in port.
> As far as I know, the driver from Broadcom is fine, it seems that  
> one of Sun's kernel patches caused the panic.
> I don't yet know if simply re-installing the driver from Broadcom  
> will work or not.
> The stack trace showed a few levels of nvidia calls, which made me  
> think it was the new SATA driver, but from what I've read those are  
> just chipset support for the Broadcom.
> Therefore, I don't really know if this only happens on nVidia  
> systems with Broadcom NetXtreme, or any similar hardware.
> Of course, I also don't know precisely which of the new patches  
> caused the problem, but it seems likely it was one of 3-4 kernel  
> patches which contain a cluster of minor driver patches.
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