[SunHELP] Sirius Internet Radio on Solaris/SPARC 9/10

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Tue Mar 11 10:06:58 CDT 2008

Rodney Sparapani wrote:
> Hi Francois:
> Ok.  I see that I was missing an addon for Firefox; which is different 
> from a plugin?!?  Anyways, if you have the MediaPlayerConnectivity addon
> for Firefox, then the missing plugin icon flashes and then you see the 
> MPC icon.  I click on that and I can see 2 streams.  Clicking on a 
> stream opens VLC (if you have it configured that way).  But, pressing 
> play and no sound again?!?  I'll have to take a look at xplay.  But, I'm 
> wondering why no sound with either javascript or vlc.  I have the Audio 
> Control set to line out.  Is that setting not respected?
> Rodney
> _______________________________________________

I never got this to work.  And one thing to note.  The MPC addon doesn't
handle flash correctly.  It intercepts flash files, but then you have to
associate an application.  If you say firefox, then it opens another
window, which opens another window, etc.  MPC should just ignore flash
(and other types that firefox handles directly).  So, since you can't 
use a browser without flash these days, I had to disable MPC.  Not much 
of a loss since I never got it to do what I wanted anyway, but that was
probably due to a problem somewhere else.  In any case, this seems 
doomed.  Maybe Solaris 11 will be better.

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